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510 River Hwy. #15A, 704/664-7677, www. poppashotdo HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 11 A.M.-4 P.M.

On Monday nights, TV crews set up cameras, lights, and microphones to film Live from Poppa’s: The Race Review, a review of the week in NASCAR. The show airs on Wednesday nights. The rest of the week, the small restaurant that’s sandwiched into a nondescript strip mall serves up hot dog ($1.755.25). The Carolina Dog is a house specialty: a hot dog dressed with mustard, meat-sauce chili, coleslaw, and onions. Judging by the photos on the walls, some of their best customers are NASCAR drivers.

During the peak of the slave trade, as Buccaneers fish Sudan Subway Map for turtles in Haiti in 1571 in this historical illustration. The French pirates got their name from Sudan Subway Map their practice of smoking meat to preserve it. many as 40,000 Africans a year were brought to the colony. The slaves were not a homogeneous group. They came from many different West African locations and from hundreds of different tribes. They spoke many different languages, held many different beliefs (including Voodoo), and practiced many different customs.

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