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Trail Highlights

2.5 Overlook with views of the lake from a rock outcrop (48° 4’47.3″ N 91° 53′ 27.8″ W).

3.0 The trail descends from the ridge to a beaver pond at the mouth of a narrow valley. Cross two beaver dams before reaching higher ground. Eventually the trail returns to a ridge, passes through a stand of white pines, and comes to an overlook with views of the beaver pond in the valley just crossed. Beyond the overlook, the trail continues along the ridge with views of the valley on the right. Large rock cairns mark the trail.

3.7 The trail forks in a small clearing. The left fork leads to a campsite on Angleworm Lake in 845 feet, passing two large, old fuel storage tanks, a fuel pump, and various large cans scattered through the trees along the trail. The main trail continues on the right fork.

3.9 Trail intersection; turn right passing the trail on the left which leads to the campsite on the lake that is reached via the left fork at the last intersection.

4.5 Spur trail on the left leads to a campsite on the lake shore.

4.8 The trail turns east towards Whiskey Jack Lake.

5.4 Spur trail on the left leads to a campsite on Whiskey Jack

Lake. The main trail ascends a short steep slope to an overlook with views of the lake. Further on, the trail passes along a ridge with panoramic views of a narrow valley on the right. Mature white pines line the trail.

6.5 Overlook with a view of a small pond in the valley on the right. Gull Lake can be seen in the distance to the northeast.

6.9 Trail intersection; spur trail on the left leads to a campsite on the east shore of Home Lake.

7.1 Intersection with the portage trail between Home and Gull lakes. Continue straight passing a campsite on the left side of the trail just beyond the portage. Making its way through jack pine around Home Lake, the trail heads west and then south along ridges before descending to Angleworm Lake.

9.5 The trail descends steeply to Angleworm Lake. In 50 feet the trail passes a spur trail on the right leading to a campsite.

10.8 Overlook; looking north from here it is possible to get an excellent view of Angleworm Lake gently winding its way into the distance.

11.3 Spur trail on the left leads to a campsite.

11.4 Spur trail on the left leads to a campsite. In 175 feet, pass the portage trail descending to the lake on the left.

11.7 Trail intersection completing the circuit portion of this hike; turn right to return to the trailhead.

13.6 Trailhead.

Benjamin Franklin publishes Proposals Relating to the Education of Youth in Pensilvania. Best vacation in US In this pamphlet, he asserts the importance of education to both familial and communal well being, laments that Pennsylvania does not possess a college or academy for the education of its youth, argues for the necessity of establishing such an institution, and suggests a curriculum. Franklin’s Proposals will lead to the establishment of the Philadelphia Academy in 1751. In 1755, the Philadelphia Academy will become the College of Philadelphia; in 1791, the school will become known as the University of Pennsylvania. 1754 Columbia University is founded as King’s College in New York City.

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