207 Ossington Ave, Toronto, 416-534-8520 No Website

CUISINE: Asian Fusion/Tapas DRINKS: Full Bar SERVING: Dinner; closed Sun PRICE RANGE: $$$

NEIGHBORHOOD: Little Portugal

This cozy eatery offers a menu of Asian and Pan-Latin cuisine. Favorites include: Sea scallops ceviche and Lamb & duck prosciutto dumplings. Most dishes are served tapas style.


wings in Brada at the Longstone to check my buoyancy and weights and everything seemed satisfactory. We arrived at this site late in the afternoon after spending some time searching an area of seabed with the magnetometer and we were in a bit of a hurry. It was a high spring tide and on the ebb, with a lot of churning water flowing around the Megstone. I thought no more about it, though, having dived it dozens of times in the past. I quickly changed bottles, donned my new gear and slipped over the side of my mate’s big RHIB with the intention of dropping straight down to the bottom into the thick kelp and out of the tidal run. Things didn’t go exactly as planned, because I misjudged the position and dropped onto an almost barren rocky seabed with very little weed and no cover. The current, which was running like an express train, almost purged my valve and I had to claw my way inch by inch along the bottom towards a reef. I had almost reached the reef top and was pulling myself forward to get out of the current when I felt something bump onto the back of my legs. My first thought was that it was a seal pup bumping me and I turned quickly, but at the same time half stood up, facing into the tidal flow. Then everything happened so fast: my bottle slipped out of the harness, ripping the valve out of my mouth and at that same moment the current bowled me over along the flat rocks.

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