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The river system is relatively insignificant for such a large country. The Rio Grande moves down from Texas. Other rivers are the Coalzacoalcos, in the isthmus region; the Grijalva, which moves out of Guatemala; and the Balsas, which rises in the state of Tlax-cala. None of the rivers is navigable for any length.

Mexico has only two lakes of any size, Lake Chapala, the largest, and Lake Patzcuaro. Near Chapala a sizable number of North Americans have retired. Lake Patzcuaro has several Tarascan villages on its shores, accessible only by water.

Mexico place, situated upon the west side of the river Mexico Metro Map , was probably chosen so as to be out of the way of the Hollanders, who claimed Mexico Metro Map the eastern side, a measure of prudence, until the arrival of a greater force from Sweden. The fort was built upon an eligible site, not far from the mouth of the creek, so as to secure them in the navigable water of the Maniquas, which was afterwards called Christina Kihl, or creek. The country was wild and uninhabited by the Hollanders. They had had two or three forts on the river-Fort Nassau, where Gloucester now stands, and another at Horekihl, down on the bay. But both of these were entirely destroyed by the Countrys, and their occupants driven away. The following extract from the History of the New Netherlands, which Adrian van der Donck published in the year 1655, with the license and privilege as well of the StatesGeneral as of the Nest India Company, will serve as proof of what we have said.

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