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Every year the Siberians make a road on the Lena that is used to transport supplies to the farms and villages strung out at pony distance (thirty to forty miles) along the river. It is one of the rare six-hinntred-nifle roads to have the luxuiy of being resurfaced annually.

Winter lasts twelve months in Siberia The rest of the year is summer.

Siberian saying

Curl, a pony breeder, never imagined that he would leave his collective farm to travel with a group of Frenchmen, yet perestroika made it possible for him to do just that. He stayed with us for two months. We’ll never forget the long stories he told about his country, nor the distinctive tenor our expedition took on because of him and his extroverted good hnnior.

You always bring a few books on an expedition, but the rare moments of peace tend to be for catching up on sleep.

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