L’ Street Diner US Map & Phone & Address

108 L St. South Boston; (617) 268-1155

Perhaps one of Southie’s best-known secrets, this cozy eatery is everything a family diner should be humble and relaxed, friendly, and with large portions of homemade food. The place is all red-checked tablecloths, black-and-white tiled walls, and hanging plants; it’s not large, but they get a lc* of tables in somehow.

Food is served all day. Breakfast ?2T3 a 5 JO am on weekdays; rus-ae ^ rwc eggs, bacon or sausage, m tries, sas. and coffee, all for Hx axii 8 am. that is. Not that ±e ref ir pnees will set you back rsacfa nwre. At lunch, a world of sandwiches comes in under $5 each, from Reubens to lemon-pepper chicken. Burgers start from $3.75, with lettuce, tomato, and thick French fries.

Dinner gets even better. Classic blue-plates are beautifully done; Mine was crazy for turkey pot pie Amrhein’s Old world charm, and food to match, for the stout of heart (and stomach). Go for the weiner schnitzel and a nice brew.

L’Street Diner Fantastic food in a casual, neighborhood spot. ($4.95), made with large pieces of white meat and fresh vegetables, with a flaky homemade crust baked over the top. Heaven. Steak tips or turkey tips are $5.95; two grilled pork chops, with potato and a vegetable, are S7.95. Daily soups include things like chicken tortellini and turkey chili. And this doesn’t even get to the fantastic brick-oven pizzas and calzones!

Basic beers and wines are available. Everything can be ordered for take-out; there is a separate entrance on the side for pizzas. Open daily until 9 or 10 p.m.

SOUTH END Anchovies

443 Columbus Ave. Boston; (617) 266-5088 Boston magazine granted Anchovies its Best Kept Secret award. Well, word seems to be getting out that this small, funky restaurant serves up a variety of pasta dishes at incredibly low prices. Compare it with Giacomo’s next door, which is way above Mine’s budget, and you’ll see that the yup-and-coming South End is for everybody.

Most of the menu here is mix n match: Pick a pasta, pick a sauce, and you’ve got a meal. Pasta choices include ziti, bows, and linguine. Those with a light appetite, or a thin wallet, can top these with meat sauce for $5.95. Heartier sauces include meatballs or mussels in garlic herb butter (either choice over pasta for $7.25). Other Italian specialties include lasa-gna and eggplant parmigiana, each $7.95. Anchovies makes up fresh pizza pies as well. Open 5 p.m. to 2 A.M. seven days a week; the kitchen closes at 1 a m.

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