Bang Tao Beach Phuket

The eight kilometer long Bang Tao beach is located in the North-West part of Phuket. It has not attracted so many tourists yet, but there are some resorts and restaurants found here and it is also a great destination if you are into sports like golf, rock climbing and horse riding etc. Many of the inhabitants of Bang Tao are still doing their traditional (not tourist related) work and the number of bars are limited. Bang Tao is a perfect alternative for the visitor or family who give priority to relaxation in a comfortable surrounding. During the dry season is excellent swimming in Bang Tao with good visibility in the water. In the northern part of the beach, you find a small bay, almost completely hidden.

Bang Tao is less touristic

Please have a look at the attached Video. We think this gives you much better first impression of what you will expect there than by some pictures only. http: / / youtu. be/ici-AIu3 KrY? hd= 1

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