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0.0 From the dock, the Cruiser Lake Trail heads northeast, away from the bay.

0.2 Trail intersection beginning the circuit; bear right towards Agnes Lake, passing the south trail to Ek Lake on the left.

0.3 The first of several Agnes Lake overlooks.

0.4 Pass a spur trail on the right to Agnes Lake campsite.

1.1 Trail intersection. The circuit continues to the left on the north trail to Ek Lake. The Cruiser Lake Trail continues straight ahead. The following description includes the hike to Cruiser Lake. If you are only doing the circuit, pick up the description at mile 7.6.

1.2 Bridge over stream flowing from a beaver pond on the left. On the other side of the bridge, quietly walk to the top of the dam. You may see a beaver.

2.1 Intersection with the abandoned Overlook Trail; the Cruiser Lake Trail continues straight ahead crossing a bridge over a stream flowing from the lake on the left.

3.5 Cross a small stream. Just on the other side, a trail to the right leads to the top of a 15-20 foot waterfall. Beyond the stream, the main trail turns to the northwest and ascends a ridge near Cruiser Lake.

4.3 Spur trail to the left leads to the Cruiser Lake campsite in about 500 feet. Backtrack from here to resume the circuit hike.

7.6 Back at the intersection north of Agnes Lake. Continue the circuit by turning west on the north trail to Ek Lake.

8.1 Trail intersection; turn right, passing the closed trail on the left. The trail descends steeply into a narrow valley, crosses a boardwalk, and climbs steeply up the other side.

9.0 The trail descends from a ridge and turns south along the east shore of Ek Lake.

9.2 Trail intersection; turn left, passing the trail heading west to join the Jorgens Lake Trail. The circuit trail now heads east along a ridge providing panoramic views of Lost Bay.

9.7 Trail intersection with the south end of the closed trail; turn right.

9.8 Trail intersection completing the circuit; continue straight ahead to return to the trailhead.

9.9 Trailhead.

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