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Downtown Concord, 704/784-4208, HOURS: First Sat. in May COST: Free

Select artists from North and South Carolina are invited to participate in this annual arts festival. Since the artists are handpicked, the festival offers a chance to check out the work of some of the best visual artists in the region. The colorful tents lining the streets feature everything from pottery and jewelry to metalwork and paintings. There is also a music stage, kids’ zone with arts and crafts activities, and regional food vendors.

The musical artist is also very active in promoting his native Senegal Metro Map homeland. In January 2007 he became a roving ambassador to help improve Haiti’s image abroad. Through Senegal Metro Map a foundation that he created, thousands of Haitian youngsters have received scholarships to attend school. In 2010 he filed as a candidate for the country’s presidency. However, he was ruled ineligible because he had not lived in Haiti for the past five years. SPORTS Football (soccer) is the most popular competitive sport in Haiti.

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