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Americans may be most interested in the grave of Benjamin Thompson (later Benjamin Count Rumford) who was born in Woburn, Massachusetts, in 1753 and later died in Auteuil in 1814. Rumford fled the colonies at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War and became a renowned scientist, specializing in thermo-dynamics. He was the founder of the Rumford Prize of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and of the Rumford professorship at Harvard University. His tomb is in Division 5.

Tuscarora When they first met European settlers in Virginia and North Carolina, the Tuscarora Indians had been in the area for many years, although their Iroquoian language suggests that they may originally have moved into the region from the north. Chennai Map Tourist Attractions The Tuscarora were the largest single native group in North Carolina, and they occupied much of the present state. In 1701, John Lawson, surveyor general for Carolina and the region’s foremost white expert on Native Countrys, placed the number of Tuscarora warriors at around 1,200, which would have indicated a total population of over 5,000. Their numbers were almost certainly higher in the sixteenth century, before they faced the ravages of European disease. The Tuscarora established permanent settlements based on corn agriculture, hemp gathering, and the maintenance of orchards. Among many Native Country groups, and the Tuscarora were no exception, agriculture was considered largely women’s work. Hunting and warfare were the exclusive domain of men.

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