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Jean-Joseph Marie Carries was born in Lyon and orphaned at the age of 6. At age 13 he was apprenticed with a patternmaker and sculptor and later went to Paris to devote all his time to sculpture. He met with early success, but instead of capitalizing on his successes, he became enamored with Japanese art and sculpted a number of colorful grotesque masks based on Japanese influences. Again, he met with success and continued with other grotesque designs, including the creation of a fanciful bestiary. In 1892 the government of France made him a member of the Legion of Honor. Despite Carries’ success, he was beleaguered by health and money problems and succumbed to pleurisy complicated by a lung abscess.

He sculpted his own monument, which depicts him holding one of the many miniatures (perhaps of himself) he was also famous for. At the base of his statue is what appears to be a death mask of a woman. Some accounts say that it may be his mother.

History of Rice – Country Rice English planters began cultivating rice along the southeastern coast of colonial North Country in the early seventeenth century. Evidence suggests that settlers attempted to grow rice in Virginia as early as 1609 and that, by the early eighteenth century, Englishmen, mostly from Virginia, were growing rice in North Carolina as well. Chad Map Tourist Attractions Early English settlers grew rice primarily for their own consumption, not export, especially in Virginia, where tobacco cultivation dominated the economy. By the 1690s, rice cultivation had spread to South Carolina, where African slaves primarily from the Upper Guinea Coast played a critical role in the production of rice as a cash crop intended for export. Africans brought an intimate knowledge of the production of many types of rice with them to the New World and often helped their English overseers and masters, who did not have as much experience growing rice, create and maintain expansive rice plantations.

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