Europe Metro Map

A popular way to see Europe is by rental car, often included as part of a travel package. The road planning map is usually courtesy of Auto Europe, a large rental car company.

The motorways of Britain have London as the focal point. Paris is the centerpoint of France’s superhighways. In Germany the autobahns have no real speed limit and more highspeed driving than in any other country. Once the motorist gets off the superhighways, driving times can be very long because of narrow winding roads and the necessity of passing through innumerable towns and villages.

Much of continental Europe is served by multi-laned, divided highways. Many segments of these highway systems are toll roads. A complex of superhighways serves the Benelux countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg).

Several toll roads radiate from Paris. A major one leads south to Dijon, Lyon, and Marseille. A branch goes all the way into Spain, then down the coast of Spain to Valencia.

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