Blue Star and Chinese Spring Side Trail

If you take the left fork before going down to cross the river and walk around Geyser Hill, you can take a short side trip to three hot springs. This might be a good way to spend half an hour or so while waiting for Old Faithful to erupt, keeping the geyser in view as you walk. The name of Blue Star Spring comes from its geyserite border, shaped like an irregular four-pointed star. After a bison fell in during spring of 1997, the Blue Star Springs thin crust sets off the unusual deep blue of its water.

Blue Star and Chinese Spring Side Trail Photo Gallery

The West German flag flew at the truck (the highest point of the highest mast); the Red Ensign flew at the stern. A red danger flag was also hoisted. She was harnessed to the dock by eight-inch polypropylene ropes. The Vata was a 32,000-ton deadweight black-oil tanker, built in the previous decade at the Furness Shipbuilding Company on Teeside. Black oils are the third breakdown from crude oil. When oil is taken from the ground it is in its raw state: crude oil. The big crude oil carriers, the largest of all tankers, take this to the refineries, where it gets cooked. The first items to separate out in the cooking process are the high-grade gases, methane and propane. Next comes the distillation of the different grades of white oil: jet fuel, naptha, white spirit, high-octane petrol, medium-grade motor fuel, paraffin, kerosene etc. Then come the black oils: motor oil, diesel, engine oils, lubricants, burning oil.

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