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BEST WAYS TO HANG OUT: Cliff-diving is so much more fun when you’re naked, according to Corfu’s Pink Palace (546).

SO HOT RIGHT NOW. If you can’t take the heat, then don’t tour the active volcano on the Italian island of Stromboli (745).

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: Get your heart rate up fleeing the angry torns during the festival of San Fermines (Running of the Bulls; p. 944) in Pamplona.

BEST PLACE TO GO TO EXTREMES. Try sky diving, paragliding, canyoning, river rafting, or bungee jumping in Interlaken, Switzerland (984).


When the museums close and the sun sets over the mountains, Europe’s wildest parties are just beginning. Edinburgh (238) has the highest concentration of pubs in Europe. When you’re all crawled out, join the students of Oxford (202) for a night of punting. Or, try sipping a strawberry daiquiri in Portugal’s Lagos (835), or along Spain’s Costa del Sol, where hip clubs line the beaches of Marbella (905). Don’t miss the Balearic Islands some clubs on Ibiza (957) open at 8am. For the true Spanish experience, join la Movida in Madrid (854) or try getting into the chic clubs of Barcelona (916). Afterward, flaunt your way to the one and only French Riviera (366), then let dynamic Milan (662) introduce you to Italian style. Head to the Greek islands for the beautiful beaches of Corfu (546) and for los (550), a frat party run amok. Prague (998) and Munich (492) know that discriminating drinkers don’t need a beach to get sloshed, and Amsterdam (767) trust us, it knows everything it needs and more than you want to know.

Arrests It is ordered and decreed by this Court, and Best tourist places in european countries authority thereof, that no person shall be arrested or imprisoned for any debt or fine if the Best tourist places in european countries law can find any competent means of satisfaction otherwise from his estate, and if not, his person may be arrested and imprisoned, where he shall be kept at his own charge, not the plaintiff’s, till satisfaction be made, unless the court that had cognizance of the cause, or some superior court, shall otherwise determine; provided, nevertheless, that no man’s person shall be kept in prison for debt, but when there appears some estate which he will not produce, to which end, any court or commissioners authorized by the General Court, may administer an oath to the party, or any others suspected to be privy in concealing his estate, he shall satisfy by service, if the creditor require it; but shall not be sold to any but of the English nation . If any man have a stubborn and rebellious son of sufficient years and understanding, viz. sixteen years of age, which will not obey the voice of his father or the voice of his mother, and that when they have chastened him will not hearken unto them, then may his father and mother, being his natural parents, lay hold on him and bring him to the magistrates assembled in Court, and testify unto them that their son is stubborn and rebellious and will not obey their voice, and chastisement, but lives in sundry notorious crimes, such a son shall be put to death Deut. 21: 20, 21 .

Children Forasmuch as the good education of children is of singular behoof and benefit to any commonwealth; and whereas many parents and masters are too indulgent and negligent of their duty in that kind: It is therefore ordered by this Court and authorized hereof that the selectmen of every town in the several precincts and quarters where they dwell shall have a vigilant eye over their bretheren and neighbors, to see, first, that none of them shall suffer so much barbarism in any of their families, as not to endeavor to teach by themselves or others their children and apprentices so much learning as may enable them perfectly to read the English tongue, and knowledge of the capital laws, upon penalty of 20 shillings for such neglect therein. Also, that all masters of families do, once a week, at least, catecize their children and servants in the grounds and principles of religion, and if any be unable to do so much, that then, at the least, they procure such children or apprentices to learn some short orthodox catechism, without book, that they may be able to answer to the questions that shall be propounded to them out of such catechisms by their parents or masters, or any of the selectmen where they shall call them to a trial of what they have learned in this kind.

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