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At its highest point, the trail crosses the river on a bridge and descends the east side of the river valley. Hikers often linger around the bridge to soak their feet in the cool water and eat lunch. The Superior Hiking Trail Association maintains two backpacking campsites at this spot. They have also placed a guest book at the bridge for campers and hikers to record their thoughts. Some of the entries are amusing, and, who knows, you may feel the urge to add your own reflections.

The descending portion of the Split Rock River Trail is gradual and a relief from the arduous trek up the other side. Initially, the trail stays on the rim of the river gorge, providing views of the river far below. Eventually though, it turns away from the river and passes through a forest of white birch and aspen before reaching a panoramic overlook. Here you get views of the river mouth and the broad valley where the Split Rock River seems to be resting from its quick dash through the falls.

The vast expanse of Lake Superior lies on the horizon. From the overlook it is a short mile to Highway 61 and the parking area.

1766 Upon news of the Stamp Act’s repeal, Best summer destinations in USA enthusiastic celebrations break out in Boston. Lost in the celebration is the passage of the 1766 Declaratory Best summer destinations in USA Act, which simply declares that Parliament retains power to make binding decisions regarding the colonies. The Quartering Act of 1765 also feeds into the growing controversy between Britain and its Country colonies. Though most of the burden falls on New York, Boston is also required to shelter British troops. Samuel Adams, who opposes the specific act, still advocates the quartering of troops based on previous custom. 1767 Britain tries to enforce the Navigation Acts ever more strictly by creating a new vice-admiralty court at Halifax, Nova Scotia, to try Country smugglers away from Boston. Parliament also creates an Country Board of Customs Commissioners to oversee the Navigation Acts enforcement.

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