Caplansky’s Deli Map & Address & Phone Toronto

356 College St, Toronto, 416-500-3852

Www.caplanskys. Com.

CUISINE: Deli/Sandwiches.

DRINKS: Full Bar.

SERVING: Lunch, Dinner, Brunch.



This is exactly what you'd expect from an old-school Jewish deli – a menu of breakfast served all day and great mile-high sandwiches made from house-smoked meats. Favorites include the poutine with smoked meat. Try the deli's own rye beer.

On a spring ebb tide, an excellent drift dive can be made from Wideopen Gut over the very shallow seabed in the centre, past St.

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Cuthbert’s Cove and down past the Kettle, ending up at Solan Rock. Anyone contemplating a drift dive should take into account the trip boats that use this channel all the time, so a lot of pre-planning is called for. Visibility is very often up to 10 metres in this stretch of water. The area on the south side between the two islets of East and West Wideopen is called Stamford Haven. There are a number of huge boulders lying close to the underwater cliff face at a depth of 15 metres. The seabed drops down in steps, a few metres at a time, with a few nooks and crannies between the boulders. Visibility is usually only moderate in this area and the rocks are often covered in sediment with very little marine life about. The centre of the channel between East Wideopen and the Scarcars is only 3 metres or so deep, with a strong tidal stream. There is little of interest and the seabed is rather bleak, but as you swim south, the seabed drops away in big steps to 18 metres and onto sand and stone where you can collect a few razor-fish and edible Venerupis clams under the sand; little hairy sea potato urchins can also be found here.

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