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Be Sport and Active in Mallorca

Mallorca makes happy everyone, who likes active leisure and entertainments of all sorts. Travelling gourmands can make a special journey around the island by car or bicycle. You are also welcomed with yachting, water skiing, riding, swimming, diving, game fishing and others. Sky jumping is as popular as hang gliding and wind surfing.

Air-delivered Mallorca

If you want to watch the island from a birds’ eye view, Mallorca is the right place for you. There are many picturesque mountains and hills, fields and plantations. The beauty of island touches your feeling. Never miss your chance to hit the skies and have an individual tour by helicopter, paraglider, or air balloon.


There are many balloons of different sizes in Mallorca: the biggest of them has 16 seats, going up for 36 meters. The flight lasts 30, 60 and 90 minutes. Ballooning is available the year around because of soft Mediterranean climate.

Hang-Gliding and Paragliding

Hang-gliding in Mallorca is exciting: you are flying in the sky, feeling free. The flights are carried out by large and close distances. The most popular hang-gliding areas are: Alcudia, Arte, Cap Blanc, Inca and Petra. The flights are available the year round. There are many special schools in Mallorca to teach you flight technics, climate zones and geography.

Paraglide is, probably, the most reachable flying apparatus. It is popular all over the world. You can go paragliding on your own, or with the help of experienced teacher. Alcidia and Cap Blanc are the best paragliding zones. The flights in dynamic flow and thermal air are available.

Micro Planes and Trikes

Superlight flying apparatus makes you feel the air conqueror. The flight for beginners takes about 15-20 minutes. If you want, you may train hard and get a license. The apparatus weight is 450 kilograms, the flight level – 150-300meters. The flights are usually taken from different airdromes of Mallorca, depending on your preferences.

Alpinism in Mallorca
Alpinism is nice opportunity to train with pleasure, where all routes of all complicity levels are available. The small island Mallorca gathered all possible nature beauties: mountains and valleys, forests and sea forelands, fields and meadows. You can enjoy the exciting atmosphere of high-class resorts, including Rocky Mountains and dense forests. This is your opportunity to learn cultural and natural sights. You do not have to be professional, considering your experience and skills.
The first rule of alpinism is safety. The group must be conducted with professional and competent instructors, using just professional equipment.

Cycle Tours in Mallorca

If you do not like going on foot, but you still want to learn the most beautiful places of the island – try to make a cycle tour. You may enjoy cycling in winter or summer. Mallorca offers the best rapid roads in the country. You may choose whether you want to go cycling along the sea cost or in the forest. Try to choose the right rote, according to your skills and knowledge. This is the main reason why the better part of professional sportsmen prefers spending their vacations in Mallorca.

Diving in Mallorca

Pleasant waves and soft beaches are successfully combined with the supportive weather conditions. So, Mallorca is interesting for diving for all, experienced specialists and beginners. Diving is available the year round. There is also a unique opportunity to go diving at night. It sounds interesting!

If you know nothing about diving, you are kindly offered to learn theory in shorts. Then, you may go diving within the sight of experienced instructor during 40 minutes: sea inhabitants, fishing, watching octopuses. Certified divers are offered to use more complicated routs, including underwater caves, ship breaking place and others.

Diving is a big chance to learn not only the local flora and fauna, but reach many interesting places that are hard to reach in different way: La Calita beach that was lost in the mountains, Ses Salinas natural zone, Ariana’s Rock Bey, where you can meet octopuses and barracudas.


Yachting is a kind of sport, where you can fight in boating, using boats, ships, yachts. You can choose any of numerous yachting routs by your own boat or renting equipment. Mallorca is famous of sailing races of international standing. The yacht lovers from all over the world come to Mallorca to watch races.

Unlike other sports, your boat size is not very influenced by wind or flowing. Nevertheless, the best place to go yachting is Alcudia. This place is perfectly guarded from strong wind and rain. The soft wind from mountains makes the comfortable conditions for yachting.

Buggy, Bikes and Quad Bikes in Mallorca
Mallorca offers a wide range of motto-transport for your active leisure. Unlike small-sized buggy roads, Mallorca has also a speedway, where the Championship of Balearic Islands usually takes place. To race this road you have to pay 36EUR per hour. What is more, there are many agencies in Mallorca, offering to rent scooters, motorbikes, buggy and quad bikes.
Do You Want to Spend Active Time in Mallorca?

If you want to spend your active time in Spain, but you do not want to waste your time for different small things around you, like tickets, hotels, restaurants, you can choose one of special excursion tours, according to your gastronomic, sport and cultural preferences. You do not need to spend time for choosing hotel or apartments. It is better to spend time for choosing the most interesting diving tour. Popular shopping tour, interesting restaurants, sport events and competitions are also included.

If you need car, rental car services in Mallorca
rental car services in Mallorca
rental car services in Mallorca offer to choose business-class cars of family vans, according to your budget. Having no desire to take the wheel, you can hire special driving service. All offered vehicles are comfortable and economic, additionally equipped with navigator, special child set and other conveniences. Mallorca is a right place to have the best and the most interesting active leisure in the world, full of interesting moments and impressive memories. Do not worry about your kids. Mallorca offers the list of impressive adventures for everyone.

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