Best winter vacation USA

Tettegouch State Park

Trail Highlights

From the trailhead just west of the campground, the route heads north and intersects the Superior Hiking Trail. Going west the route passes along ridges through aspen, white and yellow birches, and balsam fir. Cedars grow in scattered areas where the ground is more moist. One such area is at the bottom of the Drainpipe, where the trail ascends a 150 foot crevice in a rock wall.

Next along the route is Raven Rock, an outcropping of anorthosite. This is the same rock that makes up Carlton Peak in Temperance River State Park, and Day Hill in Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. Anorthosite is resistant to erosion making it an excellent rock for overlooks. Raven Rock provides a panoramic view of the North Shore peaks to the southwest, and Lake Superior.

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