Yellowstone thermal areas and features

Fountain Paint Pot, a loop trail that includes hot springs, fumaroles, and geysers as well as colored mud pots, 56 Firehole Lake Drive, a short loop that includes Great Fountain Geyser, Midway Geyser Basin Loop Walk, with the largest hot features in the park: Excelsior Geyser (now dormant) and Grand Prismatic Spring, 64 Black Sand Basin, short trail to lovely hot springs, 70 Crested Pool, superheated and beautifully formed pool near Castle Geyser, 100 Punch Bowl Spring and Black Sand Pool, on an extension of the trail beyond Daisy Geyser, 102 West Thumb Geyser Basin, a beautifully situated area with brilliantly colored hot springs, 138 Mud Volcano and Dragon’s Mouth, best thermal features in the Mud Volcano thermal area, s 172 and 173 Norris Geyser Basin, hottest and most acidic basin, 228 Porcelain Basin vista, hot treeless plain with colorful pools, 241 Mammoth Hot Springs Lower and Upper Terraces, a mountain of travertine terraces with ever-changing hot springs, s 261-66 and 269-72

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