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How can we be sure evidence collected is good? There rarely is 100% certainty in proof of the paranormal. We don’t take our experiences and evidence back to a lab for scientific testing or try to completely duplicate all outside elements that might impact what was collected.

With just a few key principles to live by, evaluating good and bad evidence is really very simple. Be objective at all times. Record or keep notes on what’s going on to help jog your memory at a later date. Know where team members and others are at all times during an investigation. Realize that we are not perfect and the equipment used is not perfect, and understand what can cause abnormalities.

Finally, let’s just use some good old common sense and not be so eager to call something paranormal evidence. When in doubt, throw it out. It’s important to get rid of some of the nonsense found online today. We want to prove to ourselves and nonbelievers that there really are things we can not explain, something truly paranormal.

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