Although most of inner Cologne (pop. 968,000) was destroyed in WWII, the magnificent Gothic Dom survived 14 bombings and remains Cologne’s main attraction. Today, the city is the largest in North Rhine-Westphalia and its most important cultural center, with a full range of world-class museums and theaters.


Flights: Flights depart from Koln-Bonn Flughafen (CGN); a shuttle to Berlin leaves hourly. Bus #170 to the airport leaves from stop #3 at the train station (20min; daily 5:30-6:30am every 30min. 6:30am-8pm every 15min. 8-llpm every 30min.; 4.80). Trains: To: Amsterdam (3hr. 46); Berlin (5hr. 1-2 per hr. 67); Brussels (2l2hr. 43); Diisseldorf (40min. 2per hr. 7); Frankfurt (2hr. 3 per hr. 32); Hamburg (5hr. 3 per hr. 67); Munich (4hr. 1 per hr. 72).

Ride-Sharing: Citynetz Mitfahrzentrale, Maximinstr. 2 ( 194 40). Turn left from the back of the train station. Open daily 9am-7pm.

Ferries: Koln-Diisseldorfer (208 83 18) begins its popular Rhine cruises here. Sail upstream to Koblenz (33) or Bonn (11). Eurail valid on most trips.

Public Transportation: VRS (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg), downstains in the train station, has free maps of the S- and U-Bahn, bus, and streetcar lines.

Bike Rental: Koiner Fahrradverleihservice, Markmannsgasse (0171 629 87 96), in the Altstadt on the Rhine. 2 per hr. 10 per day. Open daily 10am-6pm.

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