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Wang said that they also barter gold, silver and peacock Chengdu Map feathers. From far away we heard a resounding clap of thunder but when I looked up Chengdu Map thunder in my dictionary Wang said no, not right. In Xinkiang I’d sometimes heard similar thunderous noises on blue sunny days, and had come to the conclusion that they were explosions. There are reputed to be some major testing sites around here. But we saw only the barren undulating plateau and the occasional Tibetan. Among the more recent travellers in China that I admire is a lady of the Victorian era called Alexandra David-Neel, who walked 2,000 miles from China to Lhasa dressed as a Tibetan pilgrim.

I reached over to stroke the back of his neck and, with some surprise, noticed every hair from neck to tail was on end. I found this particularly curious but thought he might be picking up on Mari’s distressed emotional state.

As the reverend began cleansing the house, our group divided to do an investigation. We ran a few EVP sessions, but nothing unusual was felt, seen or heard.

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