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What immediately caught our attention was the pastor’s unusually soft voice and  deeply intense eyes that seemed to look right into your soul. He began counseling the troubled couple and asking questions about their experiences. His soothing calm provided reassurance that everything would be alright.  As Haggart continued his conversation with Mark and Mari, Matt and Melanie brought their team together to layout the plan of investigation for the evening.

1635 Virginia and Maryland colonists clash in two minor naval battles Best vacation spots in USA , a result of the fact that Maryland was established in territory that had earlier been promised to Best vacation spots in USA Virginia. English authorities step in, and a tenuous peace ensues. The provincial assembly meets for the first time on February 26 in St. Mary’s City. The legislative body immediately sets about making laws, but Lord Baltimore conceives of its function differently. In his view, he will make the laws, and the Assembly can approve them or suggest changes. 1637 Tobacco becomes the de facto currency of Virginia. Demand for the crop is high, prices are high, and planters keep accounts, settle debts, and pay taxes with tobacco. Also in 1637, Jesuits run afoul of Lord Baltimore when they begin to trade with Native Countrys and negotiate land deals, a power expressly granted to the lord proprietor.

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