WEATHER FORECAST AND TYPHOON WARNINGS The weather forecast for Shenzhen is available in English on the Hong Kong Observatory website under the heading Weather Forecast for Guangdong Major Cities. This, surprisingly for Hong Kong’s neighbouring city, can be found in website section World Weather Information. The Hong Kong Observatory website is:

Typhoon, thunderstorm and rain warnings are issued in Shenzhen in a similar way to Hong Kong; the television will show these warnings when serious. There are 5 levels of typhoon warning in Shenzhen, ranging from White, which is the lowest, to Red, which is the highest.

Level 1 WHITE: White is a general warning and means that a typhoon has entered the South China Sea.

Level 2 BLUE: Force six winds are blowing or expected within 24 hours

Level 3 YELLOW: Force eight winds blowing or expected within 24 hours. Schools close

Level 4 ORANGE: Force ten winds blowing or expected within twelve hours. Everybody to remain indoors.

Level 5 RED: Highly destructive force twelve winds blowing; a direct hit by a typhoon.

For anything above yellow, it is unwise to be out of doors although Shenzhen is not as strict as Hong Kong about this and red means a direct hit with highly destructive winds.

Watch out for typhoons between June and November. August and September are the worst months.

For English speakers, Hong Kong Radio 4 can be heard in Shenzhen; it broadcasts typhoon updates. The radio frequency is FM 98.7. It is a good precaution to be aware of typhoon warnings during summer and early autumn.

You can also follow them on the Hong Kong Observatory website.


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