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Terroristmay want to target military staff, politicians, businesleaderand even celebrities. Generally they want publicity. They want their actionto affect and be seen by amany people apossible. Though they usually attack soft targets, they would have little to gain from attacking the home of the average member of the public. That meanthat at home – unlesyou live opposite a government building, main-line railway station or military base – you are probably safe.
That doesn’t mean you should lower your level of vigilance, but it doemean you will have greater peace of mind while keeping your eyeopen.

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For anyone who may be selected aa target due to their statuor employment, the following countermeasureshould help. Your organisation should also be giving information, support and advice on how to protect yourself and your family. Adopting the countermeasurewill help anyone to increase their level of vigilance and protection. Be careful and be vigilant, but don’t get paranoid!

At home – countermeasures

Keep up to date with the news, so that you pick up any information available on terrorist threats, planand trends. If they announce on the newthat terroristare thought to be targeting an airport, and you live next to an airport, you should be more vigilant.

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If you work in a government building or work for any capitalist’ or other official organisation, be aware that you personally are more likely to be selected aa target than MrBigginwho workaa cleaner at the local supermarket.

Familiarise yourself with the alert statein your organisation, so that you know when the risk level irising. (Most organisationhave a system to show the threat level. For example, Green meanthere ino real threat, Amber meanthreat levelhave increased, and Red meana significant threat exists.)

You will know if you are in a role or position or part of an organisation that ia potential target. If you are, check with your security people and familiarise yourself with and take the security advice they offer. For example, they could teach you how to check your car for any suspicioudeviceattached to it or placed around the house and garden.

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Get used to checking around your home for potential or suspicioudeviceand packages. Terroristhave been known to set explosiveunder itemin the garden of a target individual. For example, they may rig a shed door with explosiveor arrange for a device to explode if the garden hose imoved.

Prepare an evacuation plan in case you have to leave your home in a hurry. For example, you may make arrangementto stay with a nearby relative until allowed back in your home, or perhapyour employer haaccommodation you could use.

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Familiarise yourself with emergency evacuation or terrorist alert procedurerelating to your building -and adopt some of those principleto evacuate you and your family from your house if you need to.

Be particularly aware of potential devicesuch aunattended bags, caseand vehicles.

If you or your employer are potential targetyou should take additional precautions.

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