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ALOFT BALLANTYNE OO13135 Ballantyne Corporate Place, 704/247-2222, www. alofthote

Just across the golf course from Ballantyne Resort, aloft is a huge departure from other area hotels. The ultra-modern decorfuchsia and lime furniture, striped carpeting, and chrome accentsmakes up for the small rooms. With amenities like an outdoor patio, uber-hip lounge, and the on-site restaurant, refuel, there isn’t much need to hang out in the rooms. The hotel has partnered with the Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge (both are Starwood properties) to offer guests access to resort amenities like indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, restaurants, and a spa for a small fee. The hotel, which opened in October 2009, has 135 rooms ($149-259 d) and is one of two hotels in City to achieve LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

There be sundry Ministers who live in an opportunity of beginning Cologne/Bonn Subway Map with a People, and for time to come I shall cease my importuning of others, and Cologne/Bonn Subway Map onely fall to perswade such unto this service of Jesus Christ, it being one part of our Ministerial Charge to preach to the World in the Name of Jesus, and from amongst them to gather Subjects to his holy Kingdom. The Bible, and the Catechism drawn out of the Bible, are general helps to all parts and places about us, and are the ground-work of Community amongst all our Indian-Churches and Christians. I find a blessing, when our Church of Natick doth send forth fit Persons unto some remoter places, to teach them the fear of the Lord. But we want maintenance for that Service; it is chargeable matter to send a Man from his Family: The Labourer is worthy of his Hire: And when they go only to the High-wayes and Hedges, it is not to be expected that they should reward them: If they believe and obey their Message, it is enough. We are determined to send forth some if the Lord will, and that we live this Autumn, sundry ways. I see the best way is, up and be doing: In all labour there is profit; Seek and ye shall find.

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