550 Bayview Ave, Toronto, 416-901-8234

CUISINE: Cafe DRINKS: Full Bar SERVING: Brunch, Lunch & Dinner PRICE RANGE: $$$


This popular cafe offers a seasonal menu but is most popular for its brunches. Here you’ll find great eggs benedict, pancakes, French toast, all sustainable and locally sourced. Menu favorites include: Cedar Scented Yorkshire Valley Chicken and Muskoka Battterd Great Lakes Perch. Dinner menu divided into three categories: Cold Kitchen, Communal, and Hot Kitchen. Impressive cocktail menu.


The Guzzard is almost half a mile SSE of the Goldstone and has the same very strong tidal streams. The Guzzard is actually two mini mountain ridges with a long deep valley running between them and both have steep sloping sides. There are not many holes or crevices but some excellent crabs can be found around the reef sides and large shoals of pollack and coley are attracted to the reefs. During big seas, surf breaks over the top of the ridges which are only 4 or 5 metres beneath the surface, while the surrounding stony seabed is between 12 and 15 metres. This is definitely a slack water dive, and an interesting one that is in need of more exploration. To date we have not dived on this rock, which looks as if it could be a good dive site. It is only 5 metres below the surface and has a drop to the seabed of 7 metres. Surf also breaks over the top of this reef during heavy seas and it has the same strong tidal run as that around the last two dive sites. Its position is about 400 metres NNW of the Goldstone and it should be quite easy to find, especially at mid-tidal flow. Just to the south of Lindisfarne castle and 50 metres or so out from the stony reef called Long Ridge or Burrows Ridge, according to the Admiralty chart, there is a wrecksite, marked down on the Admiralty chart as a navigational hazard, which is possibly that of the Caroline.

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