Lexington Bicentennial Band US Map & Phone & Address

Lexington Bicentennial Band US Map & Phone & Address

Hastings Park Bandstand, Lexington; (617) 862-9166

On Thursday evenings at 7:15, weather permitting, this band performs a mix of show tunes, Sousa marches, and assorted light music. Folks bring picnic suppers and relax it’s like a fee, mini-Tanglewood.

Newton Arts in the Parks

Various locations; Information, (617) 552-7130

Summer concerts present major folk and jazz performers in two locations. Tuesday night programs start at 7:15 at the Jackson Homestead, 527 Washington St, Newton. Admission is $4; seniors $2, kids $1. There are also free Sunday concerts starting at 6:15 pm. on the green at Newton Center.

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