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Recollects. A French branch of the Franciscan order, established Riverside/San Bernardino Map Tourist Attractions at Nevers in 1592. Reconquista. 1 The Spanish word for reconquest. 2 The centuries- Riverside/San Bernardino Map Tourist Attractions long struggle between Christians and Muslims for the control of the Iberian Peninsula. The Reconquista ended in 1492 with the defeat of Granada, the last Muslim kingdom in Spain, by the combined forces of Aragon and Castile.

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An open process of transaction between artist and collaborators can alleviate such criticisms. It need not be presumed that the symbolic work which arises from this collaboration is meaningful to the producers. Rather than a selfless missionary, it can be argued that is more honest that the artist identifies his or her own interests, such as the growth of his or her cultural capital.

What is most often missing from these projects is any identification ofthe interests involved. It is usually subsumed by the logic of spectacle, where a complex story is represented by an easily-digested image. What do the producers gain from such a project? What is the nature of the consumers’ pleasure in seeing the results? A flaw in the romantic model is the absence of space for critical review. There is no mention of any potential compromise of interests as products are developed to meet the needs of First World consumers.

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