How do you maintain your beauty regime while on holiday?

I love the fresh holiday glow – the sun solves everything! I’m quite easy-going on holiday. I wear minimal make-up and I always wear factor 30+ on my face and neck. I drink lots of water and I’ll come home and detox my skin. I always use a Mudd Face Mask – I love the purifying Original Mask. Where are you off to next? It’s my birthday on January 5, so I’m hoping to be away for that. I have an amazing photo shoot for my collection with Little Mistress coming up – they’re taking me to South Africa and I can’t wait.

You’re all right. You’re not like the other bastards. You’re not like a real officer. Not like that snotty little shit, the other first-tripper, he’s a real officer. What’s his name? He thinks he’s cock of the walk. Where is the little bastard? I’ll put him in his place He was referring to Starling, who I saw looking fearfully around the doorway of the ship’s office. Although I couldn’t suppress a smile at Starling’s predicament, I was a little wounded to find that McAllister did not judge me to be real officer material. A few minutes later I returned with the bosun and three ABs. I had wanted to see the chief mate fight McAllister. I wasn’t sure who I would bet on.

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