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The 4th-c. christological disputes on the person of Jesus Christ left their mark on iconography with gammadia. For this reason, these gammadia are today called christological. These letters are tied either to the symbolic language of numbers they represent or to the image that the individual signs reveal. The letter G gamma underwent several developments in early Christian iconography. It represents the number three and quickly began to represent the Trinity. When one flips it, it becomes the capital L in Latin, through no coincidence with the corresponding letter in Greek. This letter, through its angle, revealed the image of the cornerstone and became its symbol. It is similar to the other gammadia such as the small o omicron, to represent 100, the f phi for a distaff, z zeta to represent the awful character of a person and the letter I iota to represent a ship’s mast. The letter G flipped upside down into an L became a symbol of Christ the cornerstone.

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An anonymous paper-money advocate responds to Douglass in An Inquiry into the nature and uses of money; more especially of the bills of Publick Credit, Old Tenor. Madrid Map Tourist Attractions Together with a proposal of some proper Relief in the present exigence. To which is added a reply to the Essay on Silver and Paper Currences. Another anonymous Boston pamphlet, A letter from a Country Gentleman at Boston to his friend in the Country, advocates a Land Bank. 1741 A lengthy trial and investigation into an alleged slave conspiracy in New York City leads to the execution of 29 blacks and four whites, with the transportation of many others. The Massachusetts Land Bank controversy continues with the publication of the anonymous A letter to Merchant in London concerning a late Combination in the province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New England to impose or force a private-Currency called Land-Bank-Money, which brings forth various replies and vindications.

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