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In regard to such private persons as on their own account Kenya Metro Map , or others in the service of their masters here (not enjoying the same privileges of the Kenya Metro Map patroons), shall be inclined to go thither and settle, they shall, with the approbation of the director and council there, be at liberty to take up as much land, and take possession thereof, as they shall be able properly to improve and shall enjoy the same in full property either for themselves or masters.

They shall have free liberty of hunting and fowling, as well by water as by land, generally, and in public and private woods and rivers, about their colonies, according to the orders of the director and council. Whosoever, whether colonists of patroons for their patroons or free persons for themselves or other particulars for their masters, shall discover any shores, bays, or other fit places for erecting fisheries or the making of salt ponds, they may take possession thereof and begin to work on them in their own absolute property, to the exclusion of all others.

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