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Both romantic Venice and historic Rome are 2 of the most beautiful cities of Europe but you may not know that they have a contender right there which is waiting to beat them in all ways and that’s Milan. Whenever you speak of Italian fashion, the first name that comes to your mind in Milan and this is why it is called the Italian fashion capital due to the ancient fashion houses and the fashion weeks which occur four times in a year. Nevertheless, apart from fashion, Milan has got lot more to offer, from great shopping to quaint and calm little streets to hidden gems, there’s so much to explore about Milan. Let’s check out few worthy reasons to visit Milan, the European city.

•Explore the artistic side of Milan
You can visit the Fondazione Prada, which is a space for exhibition and that’s dedicated to contemporary culture and art. It was designed by Rem Koolhaas, the famous Dutch architect. This is located in Largo Isarco and you may take around 7-8 hours in order to visit all the 7 buildings. The admission cost is around 10 euro per person. This is located in the south of Milan.

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•Pay a visit to the trendy Navigli District
Milan is a city which is similar to that of Amsterdam and Venice due to the canals all over. But there are many visitors who go there but never set foot in the district of canals or Navigli which is eventually getting more and more trendy these days. This is that particular area of the town which can be accessed easily from the center of the city by tram, bike, metro or by foot. You will find markets set up here and there and they’re filled with vintage shops and artisan shops.

•Italian food is delicious
While it’s true that the entire Italy offers you some amazingly incredible culinary delights but Milan has an even better selection of modern and traditional cuisine which can satiate the hunger of anyone. You can start off by sampling hearty meats with flavored cheese or even add soft burrata cheese. The best part o Milan is that you can even choose few gourmet items which you can take home with you.

•The bike culture is interesting
Increasingly large numbers of people are using bicycles as their primary means of transportation in Milan and this is not only being done on bikes but also on ancient aluminium roadies. The popularity of Milan’s BikeMi or the bike sharing system is gaining momentum and this means that tourists and visitors can rent and tour the entire city on a bike and can also contribute to the environment through less car pollution.

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