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Geographically, the Palatinate consisted of two areas: the Lower Lima Metro Map or Rhenish Palatinate Niederpfalz or Rheinpfalz in German in southwest Germany between Luxembourg and the Rhine River; Lima Metro Map the Upper Palatinate Oberpfalz in German in northern Bavaria, on both sides of the Naab River as it flows south toward the Danube, and eastward to the Bohemian Forest. Palatine Germans. People from the area of southern Germany known as the Palatinate. Paleo-Indians. A term used to refer to prehistoric Native Countrys from the time they arrived in the Countrys until around 5000 b.c.

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What is less avowed is the pleasure gained from an Australian audience in seeing its populous Muslim neighbour to the immediate north embrace western culture. It featured as a story in the ABC television programme Foreign Correspondent as young Indonesians exercising their fun-loving self-expression above adherence to patriarchal authority. Punkasila represents a popular revolt against traditional authority in the spirit of rock and roll. Thus it can be seen as a form of cultural imperialism, even if antithetical in values to its missionary forebears. However, the opposite response of the romantic to save a culture from westernization can be seen as equally culturally intrusive. The level of participation in Punkasila seems more spontaneous than in the standard developmental or romantic model. A recognition of mutual interest is in evidence.

It should be noted that, like the other collaborations, Kesminas is a westerner seeking to have work produced by artisans from poorer countries. The outcomes are less predictable than others and extend to music as well as craft, but nevertheless it does share similar structural factors with the other two, particularly in the division between intellectual and physical labour. While seeming to attract spontaneous forms of collaboration, Punkasila can become a stereotype if it remains fixed in any one particular form of relationship between artist and maker. Such partnerships have relational value as creative products in themselves, so they need to be open to innovation and self-reflexivity.

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