H Bug ( 7738 3366) in the crypt of St. Matthew’s Church, Brixton Hill. Tube: Brixton. Eerie lighting gives a gothic atmosphere. Prices for the mostly vegetarian and fish entrees are high (£9-11), but Sunday’s Bug Roast” gets you 2 courses for £13.50, Reservations essential. Open Su l-9pm, Tu-Th 5-1 lpm, F-Sa 5-11:30pm. MCV.

Cafe Bar and Juice Bar, 407 Coldharbour Ln. ( 7738 4141). Tube: Brixton. Plop into a deep leather chair or perch atop a (surprisingly ergonomic) upended bucket in the makeshift bar. Exceptional smoothies, soups,’ organic quiches, and generous open sandwiches all £4-4.50. Open daily lOam-midnight. MCV.


Ltd manufactured the engine and ancillary machinery at Greenock. She had a cruiser stern, two decks and a shelter deck, seven bulkheads part-cemented and a 10.97-m forecastle, along with four insulated cargo chambers with a capacity of 1,936.87-cubic.m (68,400-cubic.ft). She also had wireless, DF and electric lighting and one Carb Anhy refrigerating machine with two compressors manufactured by J. and E. Hall Ltd. The Somali also had a cellular double bottom covering 36. 13 sq.m (389 sq.ft). When war broke out, the ship was equipped for defence with one stern-mounted 12-pounder (5.44-kilo shells) deck gun. The Somali left London in the northbound convoy FN.442 (Southend – Methil) during March 1941, acting as the Commodore ship for a convoy that had assembled in the Pool of London. The convoy consisted of 23 ships, mainly colliers, and travelled at seven knots. The Somali was on the first part of a voyage to Hong Kong, carrying two DEMS gunners, a crew of 77 and 9,000 tons of general mixed cargo, including horses, fuses, cosmetics, ointments, medical supplies, canisters of celluloid films, shaving kits, salt cellars, bicycles, heavy lorry tyres, several 4 X 4s, shoes, large amounts ofhay, straw and fodder, batteries, gas masks, fire extinguishers, coin for Hong Kong banks, paint, oil, explosives, drums of copper cable, mercury, hundreds of tons of white metal-bearing ingots and 100 tons of toy lead soldiers. It was rumoured that part of the cargo of white metal ingots contained radioactive materials and were destined for India.

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