Best Travel Destinations In Your 20S

Best Travel Destinations In Your 20S

If you remember rightly, in Chapter 7, I ran that quotation which came from an expert travel blogger; and, I directed your attention to the following industry personnel quotations on what “luxury travel” means to them.

Once again, I ask that you please examine each carefully; then, also, look closely at my comments. Gareth Harding, Sales Director at The Cruise Line Ltd.

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“It is travel without stress, pressure of time or daily routine, where your every need is pre-empted and your every expectation is met and exceeded.”

While I think “anticipated” was the intended word for “pre-empted”, the quotation perfectly describes what my experience has been on every cruise I have gone on, be it with Carnival, Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises.

In 1980 or 81, when my Smiles magazine wholesaler gave my WASP wife and me the all expenses paid trip to Jasper, Alberta, Canada, to pitch to the grand body of Canadian and USA my blog and periodical retail distributors, it was, indeed, “travel without stress”; where our every need was anticipated; and, our every expectation was met and exceeded! We had been treated to free, luxury travel!

Why a magazine called Smiles? Because, in travelling on the Metro Toronto subway system or the connecting TTC buses, seated passengers had to fold the enormous size pages of the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star; and, this opened a niche for the smaller page Toronto Sun; but, I felt a handy, digest size weekly magazine of a light hearted nature would be very attractive to the commuting demographic; so, Smiles was conceived.

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