Mark Tour Guide to Thailand Laos Cambodia Vietnam

Hi my name is pyro, and my surname coach acid but you can call me mark. I am now working as a trip leader of oversea adventure travels now. I’m leading the program ancient kingdom.

I was born in Bangkok and I grew up there even. I’m graduated. So what um government University in Bangkok Bangkok is very big city, and quality big chain from the beginning, and to now but tie people’s do the same very warm welcome, and very nice people to go with.

Mark Tour Guide to Thailand Laos Cambodia Vietnam Photo Gallery

I really love the water puppet in Vietnam. So, it’s very interesting for my pie of you. Because the costume of the musician, and even the puppet.

I inside the water that is make me surprised and I also like the costume dancing of Cambodia we call like Apsara dancing, it’s a rather beautiful movement, and they’re quite a beautiful costume. I really love both of them the daily life of the people here probably not different from the West very much people have to go to work children have to go to the school after that they buy food cook at home but here is maybe more time of cooking more than in the West. Because we have many local market around the village.

So the people cook often for my favorite dish in my country Thailand Tom Yum Goong or salted, and sour soup with shrimp or chicken wonderful with the herb of lemongrass kaffir lime leaf, and lime juice with some chili, it’s a unique test you could not buy any warehouse, and when you eat one spoon you cannot stop it you have to eat more. Because the flavor of the soup is delicious. I hope you to join me to discover Thailand you.

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