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I have just gotten ready to leave for my newest trip within China today I am so excited to be going to a town in Midwestern China called Ling Joe headed off to the airport, I’ll be taking a three hour flight to Han dong, and then the town is about two hours outside of the airport need to say bye to post. Because he is going to be staying back here in Qin gen. But I will see him again in few days young fun landed on this is my ride to the next few days I don’t know why this is the ride. But it is it’s like it it’s like a tank, I’m look holding my thing on the bridge yeah, and why was why is it. Because exactly yeah look at this place this is basically the view from the hotel the hotel is there, and then there are these mountains in the distance right now we are going to an award ceremony for an art competition a town actually sponsors this competition, and they invite locals, and farmers to participate in the competition, and they actually buy all of the other supplies for the people everything, and they just give it to the people, and then everyone that wins an award gets a cash prize to kind of foster creativity among people that might not necessarily get. So many opportunities to let their creativity shine they are really for everyone being able to get an education, and a chance at making something of themselves not just the rich are rich, and the poor stay poor they’re really against that.

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So they try, and support the community, and yeah it’s just a really cool mindset to be in, and be a part of xited to go to the awards area actually have to change you should introduce yourself hi, I’m Jason himself yeah. So Jason is showing me around got it apparently in style Jordan here battle we really cannot get over how beautiful it is walking along one of the canals right now I really feel like I have another role right now , and yeah Oh Oh yeah your horse ceremony has finished it was really amazing to watch, and in this gorgeous scenery you better love this place so much I don’t want to leave it off must be one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen in my life absolutely incredible hi guys i am here at part of the honky canals wanted to tell the story of this places canal here have a really fascinating story when you look at ling-cho now it’s so vibrant Lee green you would never guess that for hundreds of years this area was actually the site of drought famine, and starvation this is for Asia they were trying to get the water from a very long descent like summer a mile rocket water was just flipped, and then they were still disappointed. So upset about all through the waters really actually committed suicide. Because they wasted all the water over like a matter of a second ever since the 1400 people live here were majorly affected by a lack of water, and as the centuries went on the problem just got worse people couldn’t farm, and without farming they didn’t have enough food to eat water was so rare here it became a currency. But one far more valuable than actual money or gold. Because water was literally life by the 1950s times here in Ling Jo were worse than ever.

But the village leader had an idea to build a complex system of canals that would bring water, and life back to the area building the canals was dangerous, and difficult even politically dangerous. Because at the time the chairman of China didn’t approve of the canals, and he had ordered steel mills to be built instead. Because there was political opposition the project wasn’t government-funded, and the people that worked on the canals were volunteers ordinary people from all different villages coming together to work on this seemingly impossible project the leader even sold his personal belongings to keep it going at the end of ten years of hard work the canals were finished there were enormous celebrations, and people didn’t have to go hungry anymore also further into the project chairman now actually recognized the vision behind it, and ended up supporting it, and after the canal was finished he gave the village leader a very high-ranking job government I’ve always thought that some of the best stories are ones about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and the story of the hong-chih canals is definitely just that this tiny little village coming together to accomplish something. So far in this town of Ling Joe it is then nothing like what I expected I was invited to come to this town. Because basically the town wants to increase tourism here which I think really makes sense. Because I mean the town is absolutely beautiful the surrounding countryside the mountains when I was invited to this town I I didn’t really ask for much details. Because I just like to say yes to things definitely I didn’t expect it to be.

So glam. But I I was picked up in a half-million-dollar car which I don’t need that. But that’s their car. So what kind of John is miss DJI phantom 3 professional let’s see how this is the coolest wing or now you should try this like today we’re trying to get the drone up, and working right now. But for some reason the camera won’t turn on we’re able to record. But it just posts nothing hopefully we can figure it out. Because I would still love to post with the drone for this post it’s so cool still can’t figure out how to work the drone.

So we are driving to the office, and internet to find out how to use person is starting the drone look how thick the doors are of this car that’s a cool device job on what’s in here for me like wow we did everything yeah pretty much everything a professional drone pilot to come in tell the bottom number where did he come from who called him I don’t know do not apply advice for other purposes the drug professionals that happens to be walking by is now helping us, and we are going to go to your office, and if we cannot describe to them I think they’re giving me permission to some college the change I make in the hotel which is really nice them it’s a shame that it’s not like footage actually by me. But it would be service work. So okay. So these are the guys that posts at your own post that, I’m going to be able to show you and. So nice was helping me with the drone, and everything been given mm-hmm, and this is their company up here that’s amazing that yep okay we have gotten to the Canal Museum okay feel like a leader right now yeah we got a lot of you involved it’s like you’re the leader of this all the people no we just walked up all of these stairs, and I don’t know if you can tell in the post. But it is a lot a lots of stairs, and it’s also extremely hot outside, and now we found out that apparently someone is here waiting back at the entrance to do an interview with me, and they’re waiting for me there, and we didn’t know they were even going to come. So now we have to go all the way back downstairs give this interview, and then go up again I guess that is so much huh yes tendinous had the interview my thoughts on the canal, and the story, and the history would be maybe now we can finally get into the museum, and start touring the canals we’re just sitting right now we’re overheated all these layers keeps happening that prevent us from seeing the canal right yeah exactly hey Jason yeah how much are you looking forward to going up those stairs again so much the CDM is really cool to walk around cos model of the landscape where the canals are, and you can see where the canals are all the way over there that’s the town of Lindo, and you can see that surrounding the town, and our mouths, and mountains, and the canals are up in the mountains as well from.

So far away all coming to the farmland, and the town here is this really loud thunder in the distance. So I think we’re leaving at the right time, and it’s also really hot, and humid, and Jason is hot.

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