Hey happy kind of the dough yeah happy Canada Day Guys it is a nice blue skies today. So we’re gonna head out to some lakes I think the first one will head out to is pay too late I think is the closest one. But, I’m thinking we go up the ice field that’s called the ice field place your sky the dress for highway thing yeah whenever it’s cold it’s cause it Oh ice field parkway ice field parkway, and it it is said to be one of the most scenic routes in the world. So, I’m gonna drive right up there, and stop at as many places as we can what do you think that sounds good awesome alright let’s go I see the light inside you brighter than the skies hold on just let us escape forgot to plug the last two stops I was polite the one before, and then crouched was before. But we just got to pay toll eight which i think is the most beautiful stop never probably gonna do today, and Jerry’s probably gonna like it. But yeah we’ll remember to keep blogging.


Because we just used to be camera for the good shots, and then anyone wanting to visit potato Lake just a bit of a warning of an incline alright guys we’ve just got to Lake Louise village, and we’re gonna grab a bite to eat. Because it is what is the time three o’clock, and then after we spend some time here we’re gonna go check out Marine Lake almost got run over by car yeah cool oh wow I just want to feel myself oh my god oh my god oh my god oh stop Thanks oh well circle nothing um almost have an accident. So at lake moraine, and we have to park. So far away. Because it is so busy. So yeah we made it to marine lake, and it is even more beautiful than the last time we saw it it’s definitely our favorite lake we’ve ever been to not just in Canada well, I’m pretty sure all the good lakes we’ve been to have been in Canada I think I’ve officially found the best spot in Lake Bahrain to just chill, and relax I’ve climbed right down some rocks, and I found a little click to sit on, and he considers my feet, and there’s the lake that shows shut up.

So we just got home from the road trip just had some dinner which has made us extra sleepy. But I think we’re just a little bit worn out from all the driving it does take it out of you a little bit. So I think we’re just going to chill, and just kind of watch a movie tonight, I’m not too sure what’s on they have some able TV. So we’ll just see what’s on there probably just watch some rewatched some old movie or something yeah tomorrow is our last day yeah in golden, and then Friday we go to a new place oh yeah we’ll tell you guys all about that tomorrow good night guys we’re gonna head to bed doesn’t look like there’s gonna be a thunderstorm tonight no by the way this is 10:30 yeah Wow. So it looks like we got a bit early. But it’s just that something’s up for really really long. But um you can go guys happy Canada Day for all the Canadians i watch us, and we will see you tomorrow.

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