New Territories of Hong Kong The Land Between Tour

This post we’re exploring the New Territories of Hong Kong to see the real beauty outside of the big city. We’ve made our first quick stop here at the Yuen Yuen Institute which is dedicated to three religions Confucianism, Taoism. and Buddhism. Like in may temples, you’ll find fortune sticks. Now that I have a number, I head over to here and find out my fortune.

New Territories Hong Kong Map

So, we stopped here at the Fanling Village and my favorite part so far is that there’s this door, and at night they would take these slats, put them across all the way along, and that would protect the village.

New Territories Hong Kong Zip Code

I didn’t come from the city where there’s skyscraper after skyscraper. It’s really interesting to see a smaller community, a village, it’s a completely different style of life in Hong Kong.

New Territories Hong Kong Postal Code

We’ve just arrived at my favorite stop of the day, the Sam Mun Tsai Fishing Village. It’s just such a perfect spot, even on a slightly rainy, foggy day like today you can still see the mountains in the distance, and this is a pretty beautiful place to call home.

New Territories Hong Kong Attractions

It’s been a wonderful day exploring the New Territories, but I’ve worked up an appetite, so now I’m here to enjoy some.

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