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Nested deep within the Kozak Valley a village that time nearly forgot today is our. I mean.

This is our chance to for our village visit to have lunch with a village people. We’ve been travelling large cities intermediate cities. So now the ability to want to come to a small village is that’s really a luxury but ahead of us we will be seeing the Turkmen go.

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This is bad this just be kind of it there yeah man they are dangerous you are hired okay to petition huh whoops okay thank you yes oh. This is lovely oh no. This is wonderful, it’s warm, and crispy, and tender locally crafted wine, and fresh bread serve as an appetizer, and an introduction to life here, it’s tart, it’s not a sweet wine at all, it’s quite a tart wine should taste pretty good with lunch, and now a local lunch going to lunch in it Medina’s house looking forward to it yes you’re pretty what’s pretty colors you can see.

So far, and all the way down there that’s amazing oh good you’re being spoiled yes egg tomato they make their own boy oh yeah boy yeah the deserts local desert oh. So cooking is. So good, it’s, and you need that, it’s love mm-hmm they’re very gracious, and she has a beautiful beautiful outfit on you’re beautiful joke’s on you god yeah yeah can the misty view man that does it go Oh under wonderful okay kids start to laser ready yeah exactly a shawl oh ah that’s quite nice very nice you.

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