Hey everyone honey we’re at a random city in Germany at a train station at midnight, and we have a midnight train to catch. Because we are heading towards Prague Oh 10 hour train ride is about to happen, and apparently our ticket includes beds. But we don’t know how this is gonna work yes supposedly showers on a train I didn’t even know this could happen. But, I’m interested interested to see what we get. So 10 hours to Prague which is in the Czech Republic if you’re interested I had no idea it was there we arrived at 10 a.m. check our hotel hopefully we get to sleep on the flight train, and then we get to go, and check out power times go just trying to find our courage I think two-sixty you do how do you know what room you guys do.


Because I just jumped on our train, and yeah it’s very much not trains it’s just there’s all set up, and yet about midnight, I’m just going to go to Seleucia you wanted to see what it looks pretty much just six bunk beds wearing the other one. So we’re going to go jump into the bed. But that’s pretty much what it looks like. But we’ll see you guys in the morning which will probably in Prague. Because just pop it on the dock what will be on the top park Hey guys it’s early 9 o’clock we just wake up in our train. So he’s really set for me not alway denying sleeping on bumpers, and trains was officially a bad I still pretty well what are you Steve well yeah, I’m gonna sit pretty well yeah this boycott looked outside, and it looks like we’re getting somewhere nice like a trained instructor don’t you tell us where we are German I know you know all the instructions cuz it’s a German train is all in German, and they’re not singing in English. So we’re gonna have to try, and work out when we need to get off this is where we are at the moment we’re scheduled to get into Prague at 10 past 10:00, and it’s currently nine.

So that’s all like such quick train ride. Because we slept the whole time. But now that is daylight I can kinda show you what I cover looks like we have it’s three birds one two three, and then three on this side. So it seems at the top there I am at this one, and someone was down there. But they gone now clear just went to the bathroom. But yeah quite an interesting. But pretty much on a slip felt oh yeah it was fine it came to like a pillow on a blanket in sheets, and everything we just found them spots are our bags which weird to like squish all up there which is perfect though in the end doing the same things do not the not the worst thing to do if you think about it when we like our 15 hour train ride it was easy we got on a bus for the whole time it’s actually not that uncomfortable.

Because you think about it while they’re sitting straight up in an aeroplane chair or lying down much better yeah I think we can start getting up now maybe we’ll waddle around the Train see if there’s a place that sells some coffee you all right we just got to Prague, and we’ve got to work out what to do now. Because we are a Miranda thing called homelessness raha hollow sofas policy yeah we actually. But live sugar where there’s, and we need to work out how to get into the city from here, and we didn’t do our research on this one we have no internet yeah. But the see what happens next yeah hopefully useful for believing this is some time to the dream, and I think you know being highly refined McDonald’s sorry for looking at some Wi-Fi, and get our bearings a bit we don’t even know what they speak here check it. So here’s our turn for timing all right let’s see what happened that you ready looking at on the map power to get oh right only way another tram the last dance beats out of existence already we realized we jumped on the wrong tram. So we’re gonna restart this all again. But we are here somewhere, and it looks beautiful some churches, and these buildings are like yellow colored like they’re really nice yeah hopefully this is the right cram take through designed you will find some place that we don’t know all righty guys from got dropped off two, and a half kilometers from our hotel we only realized that 45 minutes after walking around the streets, and where is this hotel.

So we know where it is now is that way yeah. So let’s do a team you guys were about half way, and if you’re wondering why we’re not catching the tram not. Because we’re being cheapskates. But we don’t have any money. Because the Czech Republic is not under the Euro they have their own Czech money I don’t remember the name. But it’s like one of our shilling dollars equals 20 of their thousand. So we do get money out well they look like we are loaded.

But at least we’re getting a good workout well makes it even harder is this whole place is made with cobblestone there’s no flat cement. So these bags are not enjoying it that much we have got you to our room whoo, and it is so nice, and be ah lots of room, and I always like showing you guys outside our window let’s have a look II have you here in Prague although how all the buildings are really colorful. So you’re like a green a yellow or brown or white. But we’re on the fifth floor it’s quite a nice view, and the air is nice, and fresh haha. But I think we definitely need to have a shower oh, and have a little rest oh good good good refresh oh. So it’s a really big room even from here I can see it’s so big, and this place is a bar.

So definitely another bar, and if you guys are interested 100 bucks of a life hundred bucks in the middle of like old town prague with something hundred bucks, and the transport is GPR just we didn’t food is cheap here – I saw like a candy Couric was like 70 cents Australian coming from France was like 2 euros – yah – I was like four dollars Australian or something. But on let’s go a bath, and then maybe we can go find a supermarket yeah all right sounds good that’s good awesome we’re just in the shop trying to get some food, and it’s so cheap here in the Czech Republic like that is 50 cents not even not a 25 cents. Because it’s one to the 20 yeah. So we don’t know what the flavors are like what are you I should have brought my google translator have guys. So we just went, and got some food some orange juice, and it’s really cheap here we’ve got like lunch dinner like 12 Australian since we good crying baby we are exhausted we had to drag our bags. So far to get three, I’m on the debt, and three kilometers, and that’s not even cluding going up, and down the wrong Street. So I think we’re just going to go back to the room we’re gonna chill out for a bit Edison posts.

Because we’re so behind like one day Paris is up, and there’s four days to go. So yeah I think we will chill. But we are in Prague for a few days we’ll definitely show you guys around Prague oh, and if you’re interested this is it Mucha hotel cute little old building cheap ah. So good to jump into bed after all the hectic traveling oh just needed a bit of time to recuperate today sorry guys, I’m so exhausted mm-hmm. But I thought, I’ll tell you why we’re here in Prague. So we are teaming up with a company called Buster elves, and they’re going to be taking us on a nine-day trip around the northern loop of Europe. So we started proud we’re gonna head up to Philly Lynne Amsterdam Belgium back to Paris again.

But yeah we should be seen some some new countries which is awesome. So yeah we meet up with everyone tomorrow. So we’re excited to see where bugs from. Because we just love going on these these tricks cuz you meet people from all over the world. So that’s why we here. So should be good we’ll show you guys around no it’s currently ten o’clock, and I think the last one we’ve loved might have been around four or five. But we have had an afternoon full of rest, and work that we definitely need to get like caught up on we didn’t feel like going out, and then having more work powered on, and getting more tired.

Because Paris was so intense we did so much stuff in such like a small amount of time we had so much to do that um yeah I think we needed a day of recovery. But we’re definitely going out, and seeing a lot of crowd tomorrow yeah. Because you snuck in there we say goodnight okay all right. So, I’m tomorrow we’ll see more pearls we’re gonna meet up with our group, and the tool will start in Prague. So we’re not leaving straightaway then, I’m all right good night guys we’ll see you tomorrow my god.

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