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Lions, and their cubs rooms South Africa bordered by the Limpopo, and crocodile rivers in Kruger National Park skilled fisherman in dugout canoes cast their lines into waters surrounding Namibia simple ela island absorb the rhythms of local culture by visiting a soupy village the thunderous Victoria Falls has been called the largest curtain of water in the world when venturing through southern Africa by land or by boat what surprises await you around each River Bend behind each baobab tree during the South African administration of Namibia people were moved off in pallulah island to create a reserve a few families returned to the island after the floods of the late s. Because of the safety provided by its higher elevation. This is a festival where couple of them are on the island we can talk about four to likes on the island you can meet the village you can mingle with them.

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This is the temp for travellers to do a lot of learning, and discovery this place reminds me of the village that. I was born. I was born in a village with his water and I used to do fishing, and swimming in the river where this crocodile say only the parents of the coefficient adopt a family they go to the fishing villages, and whatever they get there you have to send it back to the village everybody for additional income some families grow corn pumpkins, and other vegetables to sell to area lodges as well as in the local market Impa Lila island is situated at the confluence of the Chobe, and Zambezi River this wetland is one of the most biodiverse areas in Namibia for locals paddling a dugout canoe among, and hippos just part the daily commute if you like birds.

This is a place nice there’s quite a lot of ways that you can see. So much choice here fishing last time one hour yeah for the big tiger this but a lot of fish that you get along this river Oh both in there taking their SAP truth they’re taking groceries or children magical place you do good luck home to an estimated population of, elephants the one gay National Park in Zimbabwe was once a royal hunting ground of MOSI Lacaze a Zulu warrior king you’re committed, and II never know you might see something in recent years lions like these have come under threat from poachers operating in the fringes of the park. I love the animal that.

I like learning about the culture, and there’s an experience that. I would wanted to do for a long long time we fell in love with Africa years ago, and we keep coming back amazing the people are amazing last trip of the big five, and this trip lions mating Victoria Falls is located on the border of Zambia, and Zimbabwe on the Zambezi River known locally as mosi-oa-tunya or the smoke that thunders the mist from the crashing waters can be seen as far away as miles that’s not surprising when you consider that these massive Falls are nearly twice as high, and one, and a half times as wide as Niagara discover Southern Africa’s spectacular wildlife a testament to decades of conservation by caring local communities children the children ever, it’s anybody’s guess what natural wonder lurks around each Bend here.

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