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Hello from Spain. I spontaneously decided to fly down here to visit my friend Greg. And in the next three posts, we are going to explore the Costa Blanca region and we are starting this post in Alicante, Spain. Let’s do this. Alicante is a port city in the south of the autonomous Valencia community which is situated along the Mediterranean coast in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula with its airport being among the busiest airports in Spain, it serves as the major hub for visitors to Costa Blanca region. Of course, the first place we have to visit is the beach right. Yes, man this is Postiguet, the main city beach of Alicante and in the summer, it is packed. Whew, all these steps. So, we made it to the old town, right? Yes, this is the Casco Antigo also known as Santa Cruz which is one of the more picturesque parts of Alicante City.

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And that is La Cara del Moro. Sightseeing makes you thirsty right. Cheers. Alright, after walking through the old town we made it the water. This is the esplanade or the main part of the harbor side of Alicante. So, after all this city exploration, we are now one our way to the main sight. Yeah, we are going up to the Castillo Santa Barbara which is probably the best spot to watch the sunset. Yeah, and as you can tell, it is on a little hill. Up we go. The Santa Barbara castle is a fortification in the center of Alicante. The origins of the castle date to the ninth century at a time of Muslim control of the Iberian Peninsula from to. In December, the castle was captured by the Castilian forces. It was named after Saint Barbara on whose feast day the castle was recaptured from the Arabs. What a beautiful sunset right. What’s up now? We are going to try some tapas. And beer. Of course. So, as promised, we are having tapas. So, what is this meal here? This is squid.

Alicante is like typical for seafood. So, this tapas restaurant serves these tiny things. So, you eat it and it’s worth cents. Basically you stack it up and then they just count the tablas and then you get a bill for it for cents each, easy. So, our little tapas tour in Alicante continues with the next spot. This is Cerveceria Sento This is our third stop and it is called La Tasca del Barrio. Delicious. Alright then that is it from Alicante and our last tapas place. Good. Bellies are filled. We got something to drink. Nigel and me, we are on a mission because we are staying at Greg’s place now for the whole week and we have realized that he doesn’t have a ham leg. Here they are. Time to slice this wonder. That is a delicious piece of Spanish ham! And that is it from this post. So, make sure to check out Greg’s blog as well and we see each other in the next post next week, this time from the Costa Blanca region Alright. Thanks for reading. Ciao.

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