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1671 The Danish West India Company is chartered by King Christian Mozambique Map V of Denmark and Norway. This company functions in much the same way as the Dutch West Mozambique Map India Company, meaning that it seeks to monopolize the slave trade and shipping, but it never makes much of a profit. Denmark controls the small islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John. 1672–1678 The Third Dutch War pits England and France (still enemies in the Caribbean) against the Dutch in an effort to diminish Dutch supremacy in commerce and shipping.

Britain withdraws from the war in its opening stages, and the Caribbean on the whole plays a relatively minor role. Two French expeditions against Curaçao, in 1673 and 1678, fail terribly when the ships are repulsed by the Dutch and sink in a hurricane, respectively. Though few colonies change hands, the war does bankrupt the Dutch West India Company. The French and British emerge as the major colonial powers in the region as a result of waning Dutch interest and because the Dutch are unable to protect their ships adequately from French and British pirates. 1689–1697 The Nine Years’ War (also known as King William’s War) pits England, Holland, and Spain against France. The English and French each wreak havoc on the other nation’s Caribbean possessions.

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