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For those who prefer to meet history outside of a museum case, Europe’s castles, churches, and ruins are a dream come true. In London (151), royals wander around Buckingham Palace, while choirboys croon at Westminster Abbey. Ven ture away from the city to ponder the mysteries of Stonehenge (198). Nobody could miss Paris’s (293) breathtaking Cathedrale de Notre-Dame. Elsewhere in France, the chateaux of the Loire Valley (341) and Normandy’s fortified abbey of Mont-St-Michel (336) are must-sees, as is the fortress of Carcassonne (354). Manmade treasures are strewn throughout Spain, including the largest Gothic cathedral in the world in Seville (892) and the luxurious Palacio Real in Madrid (854). Barcelona (916) sports fanciful Modernism, headlined by Antoni Gaudf s La Sagrada Famflia and Park Gaudl Muslim-infused Andaluci’a offers the mosque in Cordoba (887) and the Alhambra in Granada (906).

Germany’s marvels include the cathedral at Cologne (472) and the pure gold tea house at Potsdam’s breathtaking Schlofi Sans Souci (447). Go crazy in Mad King Ludwig’s castles (510). In Denmark, (275) an optical illusion makes Ege- skov Slot seem to float on water. Rome (626) practically invented architecture, beginning with the Pantheon, Colosseum, and Forum. In Greece, the crumbling Acropolis the foundation of Western civilization towers above Athens (519).

Those Places being Seats of vast Trade, and the Payment Lisbon Metro Map of great sums being for that Reason frequent, Bills of Credit are found very convenient in Business Lisbon Metro Map ; because a great Sum is more easily counted in Them, lighter in Carriage, concealed in less Room, and therefore safer in Travelling or Laying up, and on many other Accounts they are very much valued. The Banks are the general Cashiers of all Gentlemen, Merchants, and great Traders in and about those Cities; there they deposit their Money, and may take out Bills to the Value, for which they can be certain to have Money again at the Bank at any Time: This gives the Bills a Credit; so that in England they are never less valuable than Money, and in Venice and Amsterdam they are generally worth more. And the Bankers always reserving Money in hand to answer more than the common Run of Demands and some People constantly putting in while others are taking out are able besides to lend large Sums, on good Security, to the Government or others, for a reasonable Interest, by which they are paid for their Care and Trouble; and the Money which otherwise would have lain dead in their Hands, is made to circulate again and thereby among the People: and thus the Running Cash of the Nation is as it were doubled; for all great Payments being made in Bills, Money in lower Trade becomes much more plentiful: And this is an exceeding great Advantage to a Trading Country, that is not over-stock’d with Gold and Silver. As those who take Bills out of the Banks in Europe, put in Money for Security; so here, and in some of the neighbouring Provinces, we engage our Land. Which of these Methods will most effectually secure the Bills from actually sinking in Value, comes next to be considered. Trade in general being nothing else but the Exchange of Labour for Labour, the Value of all Things is, as I have said before, most justly measured by Labour.

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