Sights and Attractions in Moscow


The Kremlin and the Kremlin Wall (late 15th and 16th centuries) with its rounded comers and square towers is a particular attraction of the architectural center of Moscow. On the Kremlin Wall the Lenin Mausoleum (1930). The Cathedral Square with the 81 meter high tower Ivan Wliki (1505-1508), the Upenski Cathedral (1479), a church with a cross vault, in which since the time of Ivan the Terrible all Russian Czars have been crowned.

The ‘King of the Canons’ and the ‘King of the Bells’, the Facette Palace, part of the large Kremlin Palace and the innumerable well known pictures and the many vaulted cathedral of Saint Basil (1555-1560 and continued in the 16th and 17th centuries), which has become one of the most important tourist attractions because of its magnificent Russian style. The Red Square with its gigantic dimensions was the old market place at the crossroads between Twer (Kalinin), Nowgorod and routes from the South. For the Olympic Games of 1980 numerous new buildings were erected, including the Radio and Television Center with its 548 meter transmission tower.

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