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For the latter part of the journey my companions carried baskets Shenyang Map of big healthy cauliflowers, marrows, tomatoes, radishes and boxes of cheeping ducklings. It’s Shenyang Map not uncommon to see a man looking after a child ki China, the men seem to be much more able than Western men to cope with the messy side of children’s needs without any fuss. At mealtimes a man will sit feeding his child with practised ease, and afterwards hold it in his arms until it falls asleep. The railway goes alongside a river, its muddy reddish colour stands out against the emerald green valleys, and echoes the red earth of landslides in the mountains. As the steam train chuffs uphill, the mountains become redder and their gashed sides are the colour of raw meat. Zigzag paths lead up to the plateauland.
“It’s all over me!”

“There’s nothing on you, dude. There’s nothing on you.”

Bev reinforced, “Matt, there’s nothing. Matt, you’re OK! Do you need to go upstairs?”

He stopped and looked at everyone while getting control of himself. “Nope.”

Calming down, he apologized. “I’m sorry. Something really felt like it was all over me.”

Bev asked, “Are you feeling alright now?”

“Yeah. It just felt like something ugh. It was like spiders hatching.”

To appreciate the significance of this, it’s important to understand that Matt Moyer, especially during an investigation, is a rather fearless, calm and thorough investigator. In all the time we’ve spent with Matt, this is the first and only time anything like this had happened.

Suddenly, looking at the MEL meter, with both EMF and temperature capabilities the group just stood and stared. This was strange. The temperature was reading 66.6. They couldn’t believe what they were looking at, Satan’s symbol. Normal readings for the evening were around 72 degrees.

On two separate occasions the temperature lowered to 66.6 at the antiques shop, at the same time the exorcism was occurring.

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