II Fornaio US Map & Phone & Address

II Fornaio US Map & Phone & Address

221 Hanover St. Boston; (617) 742-3394

That’s The Baker to the rest of us (hey, in the North End, everybody’s Italian). True to its name, this informal eatery also sells fresh-baked breads at incredibly low prices. Get a loaf of traditional scali bread for $1.50, or something from the ever-changing selection of exotic flavors like pesto, prosciutto, and date-pecan. Yes folks, those are breads, most of which are just $2 for a big, round loaf. And there are usually some good choices in the day-old bin, selling at half-price you may even nab two loaves for $1.39. Open from 8-8 daily.

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She had a well deck, one steel deck, three bulkheads cemented, a 14.63-m quarterdeck, a 2.74-m bridge deck and a 7.62-m forecastle. The designated code recognition signal letters were: JLYN. In 1933, A. Massie and Co. of Aberdeen purchased the vessel and was the registered owner at the time of loss. The graveyard on Holy Island bears witness to the number of seamen that have perished on the hazardous reefs and rocks over the past few centuries. Dive sites around Lindisfarne The seabed and flora and fauna off the coast of Holy Island gather, for some reason, a fair amount of sediment, but with the very shallow depths around the island, even the tiniest swell very quickly stirs up the sediment and destroys the underwater visibility.

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