Malagas Best Rooftop Terraces

Malaga has an excellent subtropical climate that offers many ways for one to enjoy the outdoor life. One unique way is to head up to the elevated heights of the city, where one can take in spectacular urban views. Let’s take a look at some historical and beautiful rooftop spaces in town. We are here with Lourdes, the director of the Gallery hotels, and we would like to ask you Lourdes What is the origin of the rooftop terrace? Well, we started here with the rooftop of the Molina Larios, the Piscina Lounge, five years ago.

Malagas Best Rooftop Terraces Photo Gallery

And we decided to open this space to the citizens because we have beautiful views and we wanted to have an advantage over other terraces in the city. Also to include this space to agenda of the citizens and also to the visitors not only for the people who are living here in the hotel. And also to open this space to other people. We invite you to experience the peace and beauty of Malaga’s rooftop terraces and to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views in an exceptional urban environment.

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